Vortrag: HalloTraum – Der Klartraum-Kongress am Wörthersee


Am 18. Mai 2019 ist es so weit! Der Klartraum-Kongress am Wörthersee in Österreich mit vielen Sprechern, die über Luzide Träume, Astralreisen, Albträume, Alltagsprobleme und Träume und Dunkelretreats referieren mit…

Wer spontan zu diesem Kongress kommen möchte, der sollte am Samstag den 18. Mai um 9 Uhr auf der Matte stehen und sich gleich ein Ticket sichern, denn es werden ca. 100 Leute erwartet bei diesen spannenden Vorträgen.

Jonathan Dilas (aka Matrixblogger)
Thema: Luzides Träumen
Prof. Dr. med. Enrico Edinger
Thema: Die Rolle der Zirbeldrüse
Marko Huemer
Thema: Astralreisen
Mag. Prinz Alfred von Liechtenstein
Thema: Albträume und Alltagsprobleme
Bharati Corinna Glanert
Thema: Dunkelretreats

Moderiert von Thomas Schmelzer

Festsäle Krumpendorf
Hauptstrasse 145
Krumpendorf am Wörthersee


10:00 – 10:15
Begrüßung des Moderators – Thomas Schmelzer
10:15 – 11:15
Prof. Dr. nauk Dr. med. Enrico Edinger, VEKK Moskau – Die besondere Rolle der Zirbeldrüse
11:15 – 12:15
Jonathan Dilas – Das luzide Träumen (Klarträume/Luzide Träume)
12:15 – 13:30
Mittagspause – Vernetzung und Messestand Besuche
13:30 – 14:30
Marko Huemer – Abenteuer in der Unendlichkeit (Astralreisen/Seelenreisen)
14:30 – 15:30
HSH Mag. Prinz Alfred von Liechtenstein & Janis Hegwein – Klartraum als Prävention – Eine Lösung für Albträume und Alltagsprobleme
15:30 – 16:00
Pause – Vernetzung und Messestand Besuche
16:00 – 17:00
Bharati Corinna Glanert – Dunkelretreat: Zwiesprache mit deiner Seele
17:00 – 18:30
Podium mit Publikumsfragen
18:30 – 18:45
Schlussworte und Verabschiedung


Klartraum-Kongress Webseite

Video-Trailer zum Kongress

Ticket kaufen


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Author: Matrixblogger

Der Matrixblogger ist Autor, Bewusstseinsforscher, Berater und Blogger, hat bislang neun Bücher veröffentlicht und ist bekannt aus Fernsehen, Radio, Interviews, Vorträge, Literaturwettbewerben, Workshops und vielen anderen Aktivitäten. Seine Interessen gelten der Bewusstseinserweiterung, außerkörperliche Erfahrungen, luzides Träumen, die Dissoziation, die Matrix und die Aktivierung der Zirbeldrüse.

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  1. While it is often believed that most aliens are an unfriendly bunch, there are a few species that have been on Earth for centuries who serve to disprove this claim. Some of the more friendly alien species are listed below.


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    Mr. Meier reports that, “They have described their ancient ancestry, and consequently ours, as originating in a far sun-system in a star group near what we now know as the Ring Nebula of Lyra, for which we have called them Lyrans in the same manner as we refer to human beingsfrom what we call the Pleiades.


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    It’s believed that their fleet of starships crisscrosses the galaxy and one of them, the Starship Athena, is believed to be orbiting the earth to prevent something from threatening our existence.
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    Described as being tall, blonde humanoids, the Telosians are believed by many to be the last survivors of long lost human civilizations on Earth.

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    Their name derives from the ancient Greek word “telos” meaning “end’ or “purpose.” It seems a fitting name for their largest city of Telos which many believe is located under Mt. Shasta, California.
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    The extraterrestrials from Alpha Centauri easily have the power to not only destroy us, but any other aggressive alien species. They are considered to be the most technologically advanced alien species in the Milky Way galaxy.

    They got in this position because they are reported to be highly intelligent and possess a natural curiosity which in turn led them to rapid advancements in science and technology. It also appears that the Alpha Centaurians have learned that with immense power comes immense responsibility.
    Over time they evolved into an aquatic species with gills and webbed limbs. Some researchers believe they are responsible for most of the underwater and the USO phenomena.
    It’s also believed that they have a number of bases that operate on the bottom of our seas, oceans, and lakes around the planet.
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    Believed to be descendants of the early Lyrans, the Pleiadians, in some circles, have come to represent one of humanity’s most active allies.

    Their home is located in the Pleiades Star Cluster, which is a group of stars located approximately 400 light years from Earth. Their name is derived from the ancient Greek verb, “plein” meaning “to sail.”
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    This is not true, because we only perform a self-selected mission which has nothing to do with supervising or regulating Earth’s fate. Thus it is wrong to expose us as superterrestrial messengers and guardians.”
    Despite the message from Semjase, the Pleiadians were the first to warn Earth about the danger that Grey aliens posed. The Pleiadians accused the Greys of having a lack of wisdom and empathy when using technologically inferior humans to serve their evil, remorseless purposes.
    For this reason, the two alien species have fought one another not only here, but in other star systems.
    Those that have been in contact with the Pleiadians claim that the Pleiadians have been attempting to free ourselves from oppression for quite some time.

    i Find this interesting , they talked again about the inner world , what you think ?



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